Paintings in acrylic watercolour and oil

 updated: 3 February 2018

This blog shows a selection of my work over the past few years.

Recent paintings:

 Small Moffat landscape paintings in pastel:

Mediterranean coast
acrylic on board, 12x15 inches

Cottage by the shore  - from a photograph taken near Plockton, Ross and Cromarty
acrylic on canvas 25x30cm

Colliery railway from a photograph taken at Maesteg, South Wales in 1972. Loaded trucks hauled away form the pit by a Hunslet 'Austerity' saddle tank locomotive, acrylic on card, 8x10 inches

Ventnor station, Isle of Wight, 1965
acrylic on board 12x16 inches

Painting the boats at St Ives, acrylic on canvas board, 8x10 inches

A3 class No. 60081 'Shotover' leaving Carlisle for Glasgow, circa. 1960
 acrylic on board 18x22 inches

A3 class leaving York on the northbound 'Queen of Scots'
acrylic on canvas 18x22 inches

Portloe, Cornwall acrylic on board 12x16 inches

Cottage near Shieldaig, Loch Torridon, Wester Ross - acrylic on board 11x15 inches

The big rock at Portling on the Solway - acrylic on canvas 20x20 inches

African elephant - acrylic on canvas 20x20 inches

The train to Mallaig - acrylic on canvas 16x20 inches

The lighthouse at Killantringan Bay - acrylic on card

Eriskay towards South Uist, Outer Hebrides - acrylic on canvas 12x16 inches

Plockton,  Scottish Highlands
acrylic on canvas, 16x20 inches

Still life
acrylic on card 10x7 inches

Still life - acrylic on card 8x10 inches

Still life finger painting made with 'Infinite Painter' (Android app.) using a preset palette

Still life with copper tray - acrylic on card 11x8 inches approx

High tide at Kirkcudbright, 20 July 2015 - acrylic on board 12x16 inches

Kamilia Beach near Fiskardo, Kefalonia
(fantastic holiday so an enthusiastic painting)
- acrylic on board 14x18 inches

Adamsholm, near Moffat - acrylic on board 12x16 inches

St Ives: after a painting by Adrian Hill, one of the founders of art therapy
acrylic on board 6x8 inches

A corner of the garden, made for an open gardens event - oil on canvas 8x10 inches

Poppies with cupid (borrowed from Cezanne), also for the garden event - oil on canvas 8x10 inches

Crofter's cottage - acrylic on board 6x8 inches

Two imagined coastal scenes - acrylic on board

Sketch for a possible larger work - acrylic on card

Arran seen from the beach at Dunoon - acrylic on canvas

Scottish Highland scene - acrylic on board 8x10 inches

Cottages at Wigtown - mixed media: oil and acrylic on canvas board 8x10 inches

The lock at Cropredy, Oxford Canal - acrylic on board

This little painting - it's only about 8x10 inches - is my favourite.  We used to go boating on the canal and know the village well.  The painting was made from a photo taken about 15 years ago but the memory was enough to get some feeling into the picture.

A complete change of subject. This is the well known Beattock bank on the main line from Carlisle to Glasgow. In the days of steam, trains struggled up the hill, often requiring an additional engine to make the grade. This is from an old photograph (not contemporary of course!) and shows a Glasgow-bound train hauled by one of the LMS 'Black 5' locomotives, number 44878.
- acrylic on board 17.5x18 inches 

working sketch for a larger painting - acrylic on cardboard

Slightly cubist still life, with fruit bowl borrowed from Matisse - gouache on paper

- acrylic on board 10x12 inches

- acrylic on canvas board 10x12 inches

Auchencastle farm, up in the hills near Moffat.  
- acrylic on mount board 8x10 inches

Killantringan Bay, Galloway.
- acrylic on canvas 16x20 inches

Spring at Annan Water near Moffat.
- acrylic on canvas 16x20 inches

By the Sea.
- acrylic on board 30x42 cm

Sandwich, Kent.
- small watercolour, worked from a photograph in 'Kent - The King's England', Arthur Mee, 1949

One subject, two different treatments:

The Brecon Canal.
- acrylic on board 10x12 inches

- oil on canvas board 12x16 inches

Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal c.1978.
- drawing with brush and indian ink, overpainted in watercolour, on cartridge paper 8x8 inches 

Highland Harbour (2)
- acrylic on board 10x14 inches

Moffat from Annan Water.
- acrylic on board 9x11 inches

Port William, Galloway.
- acrylic on board 10x12 inches

Cornish Harbour.
- acrylic on board 6x8 inches

Highland Harbour (1)
- acrylic on board 10x14 inches

Polperro Harbour at low tide.
 - acrylic on canvas 30x30 cm

Eilean Donan Castle is a firm favourite for artists. The subject is perfect for a landscape painter from whichever angle it is viewed. It offers mountains, architecture, water and reflections in a balanced composition. There is something romantic about an island castle although the present building was largely constructed in the early 20th century, the original castle having been a ruin for many years.
- oil on canvas 22x18 inches

The Annan Water valley looking north.
- acrylic on canvas 12x16 inches

Corehead, to the north of Moffat.
- acrylic on board 18x14 inches 

- acrylic on board 16x20 inches

The Moffat hills.
- acrylic on board 12x12 inches

This semi-abstract landscape was inspired by the hills around Moffat Well. (Moffat was once a spa town and visitors travelled up to the well to sample the waters.)
- acrylic on board 29x24 inches

This is the Annan Water Valley, near Howslack looking towards White Hill, on a sunny afternoon.
- acrylic on canvas 16x12 inches

Again in the Annan Valley, this time closer to Moffat, is a painting of the early summer flowers and blossom.
- acrylic on board 22x16 inches

Low tide at St Michael's Mount, Cornwall.   
- acrylic on canvas 12x16 inches

A less conventional view of the same subject. This is a knife painting made with oil paint (on canvas). The paint is applied quickly and decisively without excessive regard for detail, the object being to create a strong pattern of colour and form. 

A dog portrait set at Port William near the Mull of Galloway. 
- acrylic on canvas 12x16 inches

Marine subjects always interest me. Boats are as close as inanimate objects get to life-painting; they need to curve in the right places to look convincing. Both the pictures below are painted in acrylic on primed board, the third painting being a watercolour on cartridge paper.

Polperro, Cornwall - from a photograph taken at low tide.

Fishing boats at Walberswick, Suffolk. This is a favourite spot for painters as compositions almost form themselves.

This watercolour is based on an old view of Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway.

Cockburnspath, Berwickshire.
- small watercolour study on Sennelier 140lb (rough) paper

Still life. 
- acrylic on board 8x10.5 inches

The next two pictures are from scenes in the Isle of Lewis. The "blackhouses" and coastal cottages are a strong feature of the landscape.
Both pictures are 16x12 inches and painted in acrylic.

 This seashore scene from Orkney employs Samuel Peploe's style.

'The Watchie' at Catterline, near Stonehaven, was the last home and studio of Joan Eardley when she was painting the tempestuous North Sea. The building is perched right on the cliff edge overlooking the small harbour and her studio juts out towards the ocean.
- watercolour on 140lb Bockingford paper

Prussia Cove on the south coast of Cornwall.
- oil on canvas 24x20 inches

This view was painted from a holiday snap looking along 'Agios Nicholas' towards the church of St Nicholas in the Cambielo district of Corfu Town.
- acrylic 12x9 inches

The White House at Kalami on the island of Corfu. This is the beachside former home of the writer Lawrence Durrell.
- acrylic on board 12x16 inches

Another sunny subject is this Tuscan farmhouse, the strong blues and oranges suggesting the warm climate.
- acrylic on board 16x12 inches

Panelled room with dog.
- acrylic on board 16x12 inches

Thanks for visiting!

(All work shown is copyright, Robert Stace)

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